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Crete is the most southerly point of the continent of Europe and enjoys a mild sub-tropical climate, only 200 miles north of the continent of Africa in the Mediterranean Sea.

Elounda is situated within the Mirabello Bay, on the north-east coast of the island of Crete. It is 65 km from Heraklion International Airport and 9 km from the town of Agios Nikolaos.

Elounda is one of Crete’s most charming resorts. This quiet fishing village offers picturesque views of the crystal clear sea and the nearby island of Spinalonga. The visitor can enjoy Elounda’s golden beaches, nine of which are awarded annually the ‘Blue Flag’, by the EU. The municipal beach is located near Elounda’s charming little harbour. It is a fully organised facility, ideal for water sports, with restaurants and cafes nearby.

The appealing & varied landscape, and the mild stable Mediterranean climate lure holidaymakers increasingly to the town of Elounda, year after year.
Wonderful coastal areas and delightful beaches & bays give the visitor a chance to relax and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.
Elounda is a peaceful location with beautiful surroundings and a breathtaking sight of a Mediterranean landscape.
All these features combine to make the Corali Studios & Portobello Apartments a very attractive holiday destination.

Local amenities include banks, post office, clinic, pharmacy, tourist police, etc. A wide variety of shops is also available.

Elounda also enjoys a rich heritage. Its name comes from the ancient greek “Olous” which was an important settlement from Minoan times. Today it is a recognized archaeological site and visitors can admire the relics of the ancient sunken city of Olous 1 km. from modern Elounda. Another site worth visiting is the Venetian castle on the island of Spinalonga.

Minoan, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influences have shaped Elounda’s history.

The combination of mountains, deep blue and calm sea, fishing harbor and beach have attracted much attention of film makers, and Elounda has been used as a backdrop for several films, including “The Lotus Eaters‘, ‘Who Pays the Ferryman?‘ & the film adaptation of the awarded novel by Victoria Hislop , “The Island“.

Spinalonga is an island fortress on the north western entrance to the Gulf of Elounda.

It is 5.6 km from the village of Elounda. In 1579 a fortress was built by the Venetians to protect the port of Elounda from hostile invaders like the Saracens and Turks.

This powerfull fortress has survived and can be admired today.

Following independence and for many years Spinalonga was used as a leper colony. With the progress of medical science a cure was found and the colony was dissolved in 1957.

Spinalonga is a recognized archaelogical site, a rare sample of the art of Venetian fortress building and island fortification.
Every year thousands of Greek and foreign tourists visit the island fortress.

You can go to Spinalonga from Elounda by caique (a traditional greek fishing boat) in 20 minutes.

Agios Nikolaos is a cosmopolitan town located 10 km south of Elounda or 10 minutes by bus or taxi.

The fresh water lake is its most charming feature as it is connected to the sea by a narrow channel while its natural surroundings of red rock and trees house many charming romantic restaurants.

A walk around the shops is an enjoyable experience where one can find a wide selection of traditional Cretan artwork, jewellery and embroidery.

Agios Nikolaos also offers opportunities for night time entertainment with a variety of bars and clubs.

The marina of “Agios” holds a special interest for many visitors who enjoy deep water fishing and diving and is built to European specifications capable of accommodating over 200 crafts all year round.

Guests with sports inclinations can go water-skiing, windsurfing, canoeing and there are also instructors at their service.

The scenery will hold you spellbound. Impossible to separate from the landscape, the sea is always in sight, or round the next corner, or disappearing into the horizon.

One can also not ignore the mountains all aroundwhich offer walkers and hikers an opportunity to explore the rugged terrain and enjoy the special features of the landscape which is still unspoiled. There are walks selected to appeal to individual interests.

Stretches along the sunny coastlines, past villages and remote monasteries as well as hikes in the mountains, some of which have an alpine feel, and into narrow gorges and valleys.

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